Mar 26, 2009


Our Lewis and Clark Google Expedition Project will focus on the journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark across the American West. Lewis and Clark were chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the land that was bought from France during the Louisiana Purchase; this area at the time was called the "Lousiana Territory".

Their main goal was to discover a water route that connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in order to encourage American westward expansion. One of their other goals was to document the unknown peoples, geography, plants and animals of the western United States

Your goal for this project will be to create a collaborative map with your classmates of Lewis and Clark's expedition. You will be learning about how the expedition came about, what happened during their journey and why their journey was so important to the expansion of the United States.

In order to complete your project, you will be using 2 Google services, Google Docs and Google Maps. Google Docs will allow you to create a Word document online where you will answer several questions and include all of your research for your project. Google Maps will allow you to create a collaborative map of their expedition, which will include many of the points that they stopped at, information on what happened there and images that relate to that point on the map.

What do you already know about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition? Please COMMENT to this post.

Project Requirements / Due Dates

For this project, you will be responsible for 2 major assignments.

1. Google Docs Assignment (50%) - Students will answer the required questions using Google Docs. They may also include any other information they think is important for the project. Students should include their research on their specific place for the Google Map here as well. Students may use the video on the blog and the Lewis and Clark Links to gather their information. They will also share their document with the teacher. If the document is not shared, the student will not receive a grade for this part of the project.

Due Date - Monday, April 6th

2. Google Maps Assignment (50%) - Students will be given a specific place on Lewis and Clark's Expedition to learn about. They will research many aspects of that stop on the journey including what Lewis and Clark wrote about in their journals, plants, animals and other things they discovered, people they met and other important information on that place. Students will also add images that relate to the place they researched. After everyone in the class has added their piece on the map, we will connect all the places on the map to form the path that Lewis and Clark took on their historical journey.

Due Date - Wednesday, April 8th

Creating Google Accounts

For this project, you will need to have a Google Account in order to access Google Docs and Google Maps. If you already have a Google or Gmail account, you do not need to create another one, you can just sign in.

Before you create a Google account, you need to have an active email address
  • Go to and sign in
  • Your User Name is your 1st initial of your first name and your last name (jhutton)
  • Your password is welcome1
  • You will then have to create a NEW password
  • Click on Finish

To create the account, go to, then click on "Get Started"

  • Type in your eChalk email address. This should be the 1st initial of your First name and your whole last name (eg. jhutton, rseebach) + (

  • Create a password that you will remember. You should WRITE DOWN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD in your planner.

  • Type in the Word Verification

  • Click on "I accept, Create my account"

  • You might have to do this a few times because of the word verification, but keep trying!

Lewis and Clark Video

Watch the short video below on the Expedition of Lewis and Clark. This video will help you answer some of the questions needed for the Google Docs assignment. If you watch the video in class, please be considerate of others and either wear headphones or keep the volume low.

Courtesy of United Streaming

Google Docs Assignment

For your Google Docs assignment, you will need to research the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This part of the project will give you a good overview of both of these events and will prepare you for the Google Maps part of the project.

Please answer all of the questions below using a Google Docs Document. You can use the Lewis and Clark Links found at the top of the page and the Lewis and Clark Video above. If you use the video, please be considerate of others around you. You must share your document with Mr. Seebach,, Ms. Cardazone, and Mr. Hutton,

  1. Who bought the Louisiana Territory? Why did he buy it?

  2. Who lead France and sold the Louisiana Territory? Why did he sell the land?

  3. How much was the Louisiana Territory sold for?

  4. Why did Jefferson order an expedition to explore the land purchased from France?

  5. Who did he assign to lead the expedition?

  6. Who did they meet along their journey? How did the people they met influence their journey?

  7. Where did they stay during the winter of 1804-1805? What happened there?

  8. Who translated, guided and went along with the Expedition?

  9. Who was the Corps of Discovery?

  10. What were some of the ways the expedition moved from one area to another?

  11. Where did they stay during the winter of 1805-1806? What happened there?

  12. In total, how many miles did the expedition travel? How long did it take them?

  13. Why was the expedition such an important event in American History?

Google Maps Assignment

For your Google Maps assignment, you will be given a specific location on the map that Lewis and Clark visited. Your goal will be to become an expert on that spot along their journey, so that others (your classmates and people around the world) can learn from you.

First, check out the Nat - Geo Lewis and Clark Journey Log web site and click on the location number that you were given. Then, answer the questions below on your Google Docs document and make sure to add details to your answers. You may use the other Lewis and Clark Links to help you answer the questions as well.

  1. What was your point? Where is it?
  2. When were Lewis and Clark there?
  3. What did Lewis and Clark say about your point (Journals)?
  4. What happened there?
  5. What did they discover?
  6. Who did they meet?
  7. What forms of plant life were discovered?
  8. What types of animals were documented?
  9. How and why were animals, plant life, people, weather and land documented?


Google Maps

Here are where all the links are for the Class Google Maps. You can click on your class map and then, click on "EDIT". Then, you must "ADD A PLACEMARK" to the location that you researched. If you don't know where the location is, use the SEARCH feature and type it in.

Once you have added a Placemark, you should click on "Rich Text" and then you can insert your information that you researched. You must also include AT LEAST 4 images relating to that location, people that lived there or things they discovered there.


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